Looking after your central heating system.

A powerflush keeps your boiler and central heating system running as efficiently as possible.

A powerflush keeps your boiler and central heating system running as efficiently as possible and helps to prevent breakdowns.

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Book a power flush Liverpool
Book power flush Liverpool
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Power flushing Liverpool
Liverpool Heating Powerflushing
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Liverpool Powerflushing
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Book a powerflush Liverpool

Powerflushing Liverpool

We provide professional Powerflushing services throughout Liverpool.

Powerflushing uses a combination of chemicals which prevent the build up of sludge, rust and debris in your central heating system to help keep your home warm.

What are the advantages of

Protect your boiler and central heating system with a Powerflush, we offer a range of options to help with scale and rust build up.

  • Warmer radiators - no cold spots
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Fewer breakdowns and issues

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Good to know...
Powerflushing Costs

Chemical Powerflush Liverpool

Chemical Flush.

Good chemical powerflush Liverpool

Cleaning chemicals are passed around your central heating system to remove unwanted debris and residue.


Magnacleanse Liverpool


Better magnacleanse Liverpool

A cleaning solution is added to your system, 2 magnets are attached to the heating return pipe through a MagnaCleanse unit, radiators are agitated to remove build ups and sludge.



Power Flush.

Best powerflush Liverpool

A pump is connected to your central heating system and a cleaning chemical solution is added. This helps to remove any build ups of sludge, rust and debris for warmer radiators.


Arrange a powerflush

Protect your system with a
Magnetic Boiler Filter

Boiler without magnetic filter LiverpoolX No Filter.
Without a magnetic filter, sludge and debris build up in your radiators to create cold spots and issues. This leads to less efficient radiators.
Boiler magnetic filter Liverpool Magnetic Filter.
Protects your central heating system by catching sludge and debris before it reaches your boiler. Improves your boiler’s efficiency.
Gas Safe Registered Engineers Liverpool

We’re Gas Safe Registered

With Liverpool Heating, you’re in safe hands.

All of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered, meaning you and your family are in safe hands when it comes to boiler maintenance services. We operate throughout Liverpool, Wirral, Warrington and the rest of the North West and also provide servicing, boiler installations and any other central heating requirements you may have.

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